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1. A really, really homosexual male.
2. An otherwise straight man who gives it to a homosexual man in the butt- not because he's gay, but because he's just desperate to pump his semen into Fairy Fucker in this case would signify the "giver", not the "taker". The receiving person would be known as the "Fairy Fuckee".
3. A far more colorful way to call someone an idiot. (Simply replace the word "gay" with "fairy fucker" in your pleasant day-to-day conversations at the water cooler)

Fairy-Fucking (ex: a gay dance teacher = a fairy-fucking dance teacher)

Fairy Fuck, (past tense: fairy fucked)

This phrase came about because a "fairy" is a well-known vernacular for a gay dude, and, when this fairy decides to fuck, it is, well, really gay.

See also: rainbow rammer
Stan: My stupid fairy-fucking teacher, Mr. Brown, gave me an F on my homework assignment!

Martin: Well, that's what you get when you write an essay that's titled "A history of Fairy Fuckers: The Mr. Brown story"

Stan: Yea, he probably didn't like the part where I went into detail about catching him on tape spanking it behind his desk after school.

Martin: Eww! You really caught him??

Stan: No, but if he has ever spanked it after hours, he now thinks I've got some awesome blackmail material to get him with.

Billy: Wanna come with me to the Gay Pride Parade?

Andy: Hell yea! I'm never one to miss a fairy-fucking fuck fest!
by Barlow! January 03, 2009
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A gay or Faggot..
A man who fuckes other men
"nick lathey is a fairy fucker" He needs to hand jessica off to someone who can raw dog that shit, Someone like me."
by James February 04, 2004
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