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noun: One who goes an innumerable number of days without his or her (his) skin being touched by water or any form of sanitary liquid.
Verb: To Fairservice, Fairservicing: to survive solely on a diet of coca-cola and self-pity for weeks on end.
"Wow, what the hell was that, it smells gross"
"I dunno, I saw some homeless guy walk by"
"Nah I heard Martin was in town"
"What a Fairservice"

Jim: Hey, what are you doing with your life man
Jeff: I'm totally bummed out, so I've been fairservicing.
Jim: Why, what happened?
Jeff:Dude, Laura dumped me man, she took the kids.
Jim: I'm sorry man but that doesn't give you the right to help yourself to my ativan
Jeff: Well I don't feel so bad about sleeping with Belinda!
Jim: You fucked my daughter?!
by TheKellster539 January 10, 2009
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