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Dude, Cass saw a survival flare falling in the mountains while driving out here and thought it was a UFO, total failien.
by MagicToaster April 29, 2011
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Some one who fails on an epic scale. Constantly.

A group of people that fail. Constantly.

A retarded looking alien. EPIC fail.
"look at that chick, shes such a failien"

"Dude, stay away from those failiens, they'll make you one of them"

"That was such a failien, he didnt even have green skin or tentacles or anything like a decent alien. waste of a movie"
by CellarDoor1237 April 25, 2009
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Fapping Aliens that spread the knowledge of hentai and brag about it.
Failiens Hide that they worship the secret land of hentai.
by Lord Mingleberry September 23, 2018
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