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Pseudonym of the company game development company Funcom, creators of Anarchy Online and Age Of Conan. This name is widely regarded as the true identity of Funcom even within the company. Funcom owns the domain which leads directly to their homepage...because they fail.
On of the developers at Failcom says class balance is working as intended.
by Eiser August 20, 2008
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A company that doesn't learn from its past mistakes, has very limited talent, releases an incomplete product, lies to its customers, makes false promises to its customers, and charges its customers' credit cards even after the customers have cancelled the service. Derived from the company Funcom which has all of the above criteria fulfilled.
"I hear Failcom wants to develop an expansion to that POS Age of Conan."
by plmokn August 07, 2008
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An increasingly popular slang term short for FAILed COMpany (or Failing Company)

Believed to have originated in the internet forums of the failing software company Funcom, responsible for the disastrous Age of Conan MMO.

1. Failcom are a rubbish software company.

by Pulonium September 02, 2008
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