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Fahiye is a fun loving extremely elaborate and really SEXY. If I wasn''t Fahiye would definitely tap that! If you ever see fahiye anywhere you should never call him FAHID because that is not his name! ANYWAYYS Fahiye is really really sexy and really funny if you don't know him....YOU WILL KNOW HIM after one day of knowing him. He's smart and really helpful and for some odd reason cannot keep secrets. He's always in the mood to talk even when noone is talking, after a while fahiye gets annoying but that's the whole point of fahiye is to be fun and really addicting but afte a while you just want him to STFU! But really he's is a nice guy handsome young man who will become something great one day! :)
Have you met Fahiye?
fo shizzle my nizzle he's a funny guy, I wish I was dating him!
by that one guy from bowie October 05, 2011
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