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Noun: Fagtropical, Fagtropic.

Used in a sentence:
"Yo son, dat dood rite dere, is foshowly a Fagtropical."

1. In Particular, fags who tend to look like they came from a surf shop and are sipping drinks that are pink or green (or both) slushies and/or smoothies.

2. Have bleach blond hair with a shorter cut, tan skin, wear raybans with a super air-tight wife beater or t-shirt of any shade of pink with floral boardshorts.

3.Major assclowns.

4. Listens to Usher, Justin Timbergay or ANY man (or who calls themselves a man) within the R&B genre that sounds like either a 5-y-o Girl or a 13-y-o Choire boy with a vibrato (like an operatic voice) and a sound effect microphone that makes them sound robotic

6. A textbook example of a Fagtropical is pretty much any or all of the above definitions in any variation or alltogether.

To be DUALLY noted:

These sun dried fagets will take any chance they get to throw the unsuspecting female of any sort under the bus, BOTH figuratively speaking and Literally speaking.

They simply hate women and will cover up this shitty quality of themselves by complimenting you in the most sincere way to disillusion you on an epic scale.
They say stupid fruity gestures like "nuh uhhh" and "noo wayyy" with girly undertones and things that arent too atypical for any type of faget to say usually, but to distinguish a Fagtropical from the rest is the glowing bleach blonde short hair that they might have, and they smell like a mixed bag of fruits, who mostly come from the beach areas OR the very tropical areas of florida or California.
by Moniker5000 April 25, 2010
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