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A car made by a Near bankrupt company named Chevrolet.

The cars only purpose is for old geezards to try and pick up young chicks or by Italian Gino's.

Chevrolet originally introduced the car back in the 60's to attempt to compete with the Ford Mustang, but for over 50 years it has repeatedly failed to do so by always being left in the dust by failing at pretty much everything it tries to do.

The car is now on its last leg and on the verge of extinction.

Chevy's last attempt to compete with Ford was the creation of their upcoming ZL1 with 550 hp, but with the bankrupt companies painfully low funds and partially slow Engineers they neglected to notice that Ford had already once again beat them with the up coming 2013 GT500 with 650 HP.

Looks like the new Fagmaro is only doing what it does best, which is lose.
Take a Fagmaro SS which is supposed to be the competitor for the GT500 and race it against a regular GT Mustang and watch the painful outcome for the Fagmaro.
by Jallen805 January 16, 2012
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