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N. - A derivative of the word fag or faggot.

1. When said in this form, it adds that little extra something to "emphasize the gay." Whether or not the other party finds this "endearing" is at your discretion and risk.

2. Used to call out posers/fakers.

3. Also used as a quick-action call-out for someone who is clearly lying about his sexual prowess. For best effect, the emphasis here is to use it at the EXACT moment of the lie. For every second you wait, it loses potency.
Metrosexual: OMG, smell this lotion!!
Normal Guy: You're such a faggaboose.

White-bread: Yo, whut up my negros?!
Normal Guy: Shut up, faggaboose.

The Exaggerator: Dude, I was with this chick last night...
Normal Guy: Oh whatever, faggaboose.
by Playswithwords December 02, 2008
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