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An orgasm in your mouth - not the orgasm you are thinking - because it's from food -- (Fah-Gaz-Mmm)

(1) The act of stopping everything you are doing to savor every bite
(2) A feeling of pleasure that overcomes your tastebuds
(3) The act of enjoying food that makes your stomach smile
(4) The act of making love to your food
The first sip of a caramel frappuccino---"Hold on, I'm about to have a fagazm"

"I am fagazming right now"

"Wow this food is Fagazmic"

That moment when you first taste a piece of food, and it’s soooo good that all you want to do is stop what you are doing and savor every second of it..
by Get Carried Awayy July 18, 2011
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