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The most wonderful kind of person to be around. Will support you thought any thing and will stand up for you in a fight/argument. Seems and acts extremely happy, but is depressed and no one knows it. But will always keep the mask on, so that way will stay a reliable, trustworthy and caring friend. And will never show there true self. If they look sad and someone asks them if there ok, they will say they are even if there falling apart, because the only thing they can do is be there for people even if they are not there for them. They are strong and can be independent but realy need someone to fall back on, and if they don't it's realy hard to get back up. There slowly dying and no one knows it. But they are truly a gift, and one of the best people to be around, but you better treat them right and never hurt them because it will hurt them a lot, and they will never forget. They are sometimes clingy but that's because they need to have so some they can trust, if not they'll brake...
Best Friend: Why are you so clingy
Faeryn: What!? *realy hurt*
Best Friend: Oh get over it, you a happy person that shouldn't bother you!
Faeryn: *Walks away so hurt, and almost in tears. Goes home and think for hours about what is wrong with them*
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by I'm Fine πŸ’” May 23, 2018
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