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They have attained awesomness beyond reasonable understanding. They always make things better and at any given moment they're presence can raise your serotonin, testosterone and dopamine above natural amounts all at once. The older one is using his Faddeness to see and learn about the world by trial and error and then relay back the information to the younger who will then stockpile that information with his own experiences, thus creating the ultimate human. Then this ultimate human will teach the older Fadden what he has learned, therefore you have two ultimate humans... not unlike the Hodge Twins. The Faddens will be the most ultimate of humans until they have children, who by laws of evolution will be better. Society will forever be in debt to Faddens for their contribution. Everybody loves them because they are gentle when possible and fierce when necessary, quite like the way Bruce Lee describes water. To conclude, Fadden's are awesome
Guy 1: Dude, that guy's a Fadden
Guy 2: Fuck! Run for your lives!

Guy 1: Dude, that guy's a Fadden
Guy 2: Sweet dude! Lets befriend him.... more than we already have!
by Creavshter March 03, 2012
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