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What facebook has become if as a user, you post anything controversial, you are attacked verbally and accused of being a racist. If you are not I. Line with the left then your left friends will unfriend you
If you post anything supporting the president in Facebook or Facistbook your left-wing friends will unfriend you and accuse you of being racist.
by Ideagod June 21, 2018
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Facistbook is the newly coined street name for facebook .
The name change reflects the fact that facebook caved to the federal government by granting

unfettered access and content control to the feds after having been caught manipulating major election

altering data in the U.S. as well as other countries.
With this transition goes all of the facebook users privacy and their past transcriptions are now wide open
for the federal goverment to use as it pleases. DJB.
Hey ! lets all close our facistbook accounts ASAP because uncle sam is watching everything on there now !
by Zuck Markelburg May 15, 2018
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