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1) "The feeling you get when you find a 20 dollar bill in the pocket of an old pair of jeans, thats Fachinky!" - Classic Fachinky, origin unknown

2) "You walk in on your mom getting raw dogged by your dad and his fishing buddies... Then you wake up. Whew, Fachinky!" - Yours truely

3) "When you rip some juicy goodness in class and pawn it off on your jew friend... Fachinky!" - Jingle Slime

4) "Fachinky, that car just ran over mrs. noncreative's foo!" - Anonymous

5) "It's like when you are about to fuck a bad bitch and you can't find a condom then you look in your pocket and your like Fachinky!" - The Cock Master

6) "When you really want to smoke and you find a fresh cron nug inbetween the seats of your car... Fachinky!" - Pot Head Flo

"It's like when you have been drinking all day and night and then on the drive home you get pulled over and handcuffed and about to be put in car and the cop says be careful, you are free to go... That's Fachinky!" - Weezy F

"Fachinky is that game winning home run in your softball game that you know guarantees knob bobbago from the hot freshie with a juicy ass!" - EBGB

"Fuckin and gettin freaky with some asians in an austin powers movie. Fachinky yeeah baby!" - Londonian

"When you get home from a super drunken night to find 8 new South Parks on your DVR and a fridge stocked with Hot Pockets... Fachinky!" - CLeighto
by Matt Lambo September 17, 2008
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