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Someone who spends all their time on either Facebook, Myspace, or Youtube, only to come to you the next day to share the "exciting" new features or uploads.
Guy 1: Oh man, did you go on youtube yesterday?
Guy 2: Yah, for a little.
Guy 1: Holy crap man, there was like a new Viral Video that came out at 5:30, a new (insert youtube star name here) video at 8, and I found a sick new channel!
Guy 2: Jesus christ, calm down. You are such a Facespacetube Dick.
Guy 1: Dude it's like a disease. I think i'm a Facespacetube dick!
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: I was on facebook for 4 hours just realoading the page, and youtube for 5!
Guy 2: You totally are.
by BS-man November 03, 2009
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