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An open-ended, brief Facebook status post, often 1-2 words -- such as "hmmm" or "is" -- that is merely bait, intended to solicit quick bites or responses from your audience pool.
FaceFishing post: Hmmmmm...

Biter #1: What is 'Things that make you go...'? I'll take Alphabet Soup for $400.

Biter #2: WTF? You are clearly fishing for comments with an open-ended "hmmmmm."

Biter #1 again: Maybe he's referring to a hummer received last night...or a tasty treat...not sure? Let's ask...
by Thor Kaizen July 28, 2009
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The act of searching for a partner from which you will receive oral sex.
Watup bruh, what you doin tonight?

Shit mang, bout to go face fishing.

Hell yea, me too.
by Ghostface Killah 513 September 01, 2012
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