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One who avoids facebook due to the saturation of the menial tasks people describe in detail with poor grammar/spelling/diction. Nobody is as interesting as facebook would indicate.

Facebookophobes also believe facebook a pestilence.
I am a full-fledged facebookophobe, I don't give a shit how tasty your chipotle burrito was. I also think self-shots make you look like you live in your toilet.
by Johnnie Appleseedling December 01, 2011
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Someone who thinks that by refusing to join facebook, they are somehow "cool", and "not giving in", while in reality this only causes problems for everyone else who does use facebook. They use it to coordinate events and groups, but have to make special exceptions for those who aren't on it, even when they could be.
No, I'll have to send Alex a separate email. Yeah, he's a facebookophobe. What a fucking retard.

Facebookophobe ftw.
by oneplus999 April 18, 2006
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