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The truly awesome people who spend every second they can on My Chemical Romance's facebook page mostly (not everyone has) since September 2010.

We all have at least once said "Okay bye I'm leaving now!" *1 hour later* "I'm still here.. Nice!!"

Almost everyone has each other as friends, children, siblings and/or spouses xD and a lot of people have 2 accounts, a normal one and a Killjoy one.

Everyone is completely perverted (and it's awesome!) and has completely fucked up sleep schedules from not wanting to leave the page until they die from no sleep.

And there's always the haters! xD
And people who lurk a lot.
And the over-usage of *facepalm*
And getting comment-blocked like crazy!

Everyone is like family on that page and it's amazing. A home away from home :)
- "Thats so freaking awesome! I gotta go tell the page this!"

- Molly: "Did you see what everyone was talking about on the page last night?"
Sierra: "Yes! I was laughing my ass off the entire time! I love the FacebookMCRmy!"
(that happens a lot between me and Molly at school ^_^)
by VenomousSkyline February 13, 2011
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