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1. Two people who are dating but never act like a couple in person but on Facebook they comment on every single of each others' statuses and they constantly write "I loveee you" on each others walls.

2. Two people who are not actually dating but they flirt on Facebook as if they were madly in love, they may have a different love interest in the outside world but on Facebook they dearly love each other.
1. Michelle - "Wow Bob and Chelsea never even look at each other when I see them, are they really going out?"

Paige - "Yeah, I think so, they write "I <3 U" and "I luv u moreeee" on each others walls every single freaking day, it's ridiculous!"

2. Michelle - "Are Roberta and Greg in love, on Facebook they comment on every singe picture of each other..."

Paige - "Nooo Greg is in love with her but Roberta is totally not interested, she's with Sean. Roberta and Greg are just a Facebook couple."
by missscarr October 08, 2009
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