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Giving unwanted advice to people through comments on Facebook.
1:I hate being ignored
2:Don't be ignored stand up and scream it's the only way you will be heard
1:Yeah ok
2:Bad vibes will only receive bad vibes faith in something bigger and better and believing that will make it all good there is light in every dark tunnel think bright even if it's dark let the spirit guide and stick to gaining an understanding if it doesn't happen that means there is something better you surround yourself with what you put out karma is real I have no reason to lie to you everything is within you and finding what you really want
1:Ive heard it all. Theres nothing that i haven't heard before.
2:I can't save you from yourself if you want to be so grim. The pit your in is the pit you need to wake up in and realize it's dark in there.
3: you're*
3:Honestly don't even know how you were on my news feed but I had to, everybody's a Facebook Ghandi these days.
by MBenji January 04, 2014
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