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A person who likes every "I'll admit", "To be honest","Date","Rate" status knowing they will receive compliments in order to both make themself feel good and fill their wall with posts from so many different people.
Greg: Hey Adam look at all the compliments all these people give Joe on his wall. Everyone must like him.

Adam: No Greg, that guy is just a Facebook Freeloader.
by ig4thewin August 16, 2011
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A person who refuses to get a Facebook account yet hits you up for a peek into your account every time they see you so they can stay current on what everyone is up to.
Jenny: Hey Sue, what are looking at?
Sue: Nothing, just surfing my Facebook feed, looking at pictures from Saturday night.
Jenny: Can I have a look?...........................
.............................(30 minutes later)

Sue: You think I can have my phone back now?
Jenny: Oh sorry, I was just seeing what all our other friends are up to.
Sue: Get your own account already, Jenny. Quit being such a Facebook Freeloader!!!
by suziewar February 03, 2014
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