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A person (usually a guy) who has a Facebook to impress other people. Usually these people don't know what they're doing when they're using Facebook. They'll upload pictures and update their status every now and then but they rarely ever talk to people and they don't have a clue what the hell they are doing. Usually their girlfriend or has their password and likes to go in and read their mail and make sure he's not cheating on her. This usually happens when the chick does not trust the guy or vice versa. Usually there is that one chick who is a lot hotter then the girlfriend and likes the guy. The girlfriend is threatened by this chick. Therefore, she will go in and remove the chick from the guy's friends. Why? Because he is "Facebook retarded" and doesn't know or care what goes down on his page.

Also, usually when someone sends this person a message over Facebook chat he usually will send short responses or he will never even respond. He also will go offline and go idle a lot and his activity on Facebook will be very strange.
Girl 1 - "Damn, why did that Wendell remove me from his friends? I didn't do nuthin!"

Girl 2 - "His chick probably went in and removed you from his friends. After all, Wendell is Facebook retarded."


Girl 1 - "How come Wendell's status updates never sound like him?"

Girl 2 - "One of his homies probably updates it for him. Wendell is Facebook retarded. Ya digg?"


Girl 1 - "Why does Wendell never respond to my messages!?"

Girl 2 - "Chill girl, his chick probably goes in and deletes them because she knows you love him and she knows that you're a helluva lot hotter then she is. After all, we all know Wendell is Facebook retarded."
by infamous.princess July 07, 2009
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