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A very common mistake among gossipy and gullible teens. Its just making assumptions based on snooping people's facebooks, Such as assuming a guy wants to be with a girl if they have a back and forth wall post exchange. Its easy to keep up with information like this because news feeds inform you about everyone's activities and posts. Can also be Myspace assumptions.
Scenario 1: Teen 1: Dude, I think Karl likes Marissa, he posted almost 10 comments on her wall

Wiser Teen 2: Naw man, don't be making facebook assumptions. Facebook posts do not an attraction make.

Scenario 2: Dude 1: I'm so juiced, that cute freshman just sent me 5 messages, I'm definitely asking her out now.

Dude 2: Man, she hasn't even said hi to you in person yet. You're making a facebook assumption. I expected more of you.
by bt-man November 26, 2007
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