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Taking something as truth because it is on facebook or trusting someone solely on what is on their profile or what they say over the internet.

A quick way to gain stalkers.
Example 1:
Josh: Can you believe that girl told someone who wasn't her friend where she lives? she must be stupid to assume he isn't a stalker posing as someone else
Greg: She trusted him on Facebook Value dude, the gene pool needs chlorinating

Example 2:
Candy: I can't believe Josh's hobbies include sailing, archery, playing the guitar, playing the drums, playing the piano, scuba diving, sky diving, motocross, drug abuse, growing marijuana, fencing, smuggling illegals over the border and being superman all whilst he is busy working as the CEO at sex therapist! he is so amazing and talented!
David: Maybe you shouldn't take everything on Facebook Value, it isn't all true.
by NarcotiX UK July 18, 2011
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A concept where the value of an activity or thing is measured in the potential attention it will get on Facebook.
Man! Amazing picture of you with that hot Norwegian chick. Thats really high facebook value!
by torway May 03, 2009
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