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Usually occurring after an individual has procrastinated some important work/school project, and decided to stalk a friend, acquaintance or coworker to the point that they have seen so much that they regret clicking on the profile on the first place. The stalker may be regretful for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

1. Finding details about someone you never wanted to find
2. Feeling pathetic for having spent half an hour researching someone you don't know and don't care about
3. Feeling jealous of someone whose life you perceive (from Facebook) to be better than yours
"I found this guy on okCupid but before we met I found him on Facebook and know he likes Grey's Anatomy, Candy Crush, and the Communist party. He took a beach trip to Mexico in '09 with his brother Chris. Now I'm afraid to meet him because I'm afraid I'm gonna let something slip and he'll think I'm a total stalker."
"Sounds like you're experiencing Facebook Stalker Regret."
by SophiaChicken October 09, 2013
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