A person who finds it extremely difficult to focus on anything other than facebook. If they're at work, all they think about is finding a window of opportunity so as to be able to access thier facebook page. If the kids are hungry, then food will consist of a pot noodle, a packet of crisps and a can of coke, taking as little time as possible to prepare in order to get back to thier beloved facebook. This inturn creates what is now know as a facebook orphan.
facebook junkie facebook orphan
by rastadee September 09, 2009
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n. A person who periodically signs into their Facebook account via phone or computer, to update their "Facebook status".
My sister woke up from a dead ass sleep last night and got on the computer, when I asked her what she was doing she replied: "Checking my Facebook status", What a Facebook Junkie.
by Let's just say, Alan June 04, 2011
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