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Any child who is left to their own devices with respect to entertainment and basic social needs due to a parent or guardian spending countless unproductive hours on social networking websites, resulting in an impaired ability to socialize with other humans. Often can be seen having lengthy conversations with him/herself and inanimate objects intended for play such as dolls, stuffed Muppet characters and thomas the train sets.
Lady #1 at bus stop: Have you noticed that Johnny has a really hard time relating to the other kids? For heaven's sake, he can't even do the Cotton-Eye-Joe!

Lady #2 at bus stop: Yeah, well, his mom got a new laptop to celebrate her recent divorce and he's become another facebook orphan.
by spazaroni February 11, 2009
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A child whose parents neglect them in favor of facbook.
bob now has to drive himself to school because he is a facebook orphan.
by bobyo August 28, 2009
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