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Any individual, (male, female, or anything in between) that 'Likes' or becomes a 'Fan' of something/someone on Facebook, for no foreseeable reason.

It includes the following but is not limited to:

1. Going down a person's wall and 'Liking' everything; A form of wall rape to get someone's attention.

2. Pressing the 'Like' button on the wall-posts of people they do not know. This rule also applies towards individuals that repeatedly "like" the posts of a person that they fancy, on a daily basis.

3. 'Liking' or becoming fans of groups they have no business being a part of, except to fit in, in the hopes that someone will notice it the next day in school.

4. 'Liking' places or events they have never been to or have any connection with.

5. Putting down an RSVP of "Attending" to all events regardless of feasibility of actually making it.

6. Accepting all application and group invites to be 'nice'
Mary: "Ok that makes 25 as attending."
Babs: "Lemme check that list...oh wait better make it 24. Debra puts down everything as 'Attending.' Last week she said she was going to Egypt to partake in the riots. She's a Facebook Hooker."

Herb: "Are you busy tmw?"
Stan: "Yeah I gotta play Mafia Wars."
Herb: "Uhhh....why? I was thinking we could go to the game or grab a beer."
Stan: "I wish I could but I can't let them down."
Herb: "Dude....are you for real? The only reason those tools ask you to play this shit is so they can get weirdass "points" or some crap to compensate for their meaningless lives. You need to get a life and quit being a fuckin facebook hooker you pussy ass pushover bitch."
by Nibbleswicke July 27, 2011
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