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A portmanteau derived from the act of the periodic and systematic inventory of one's Facebook friends list. Usually detailing the actions of: dropping by friend's pages that you haven't talked to in a while just to see what's up and catch up (for completist's sake), deleting people who you don't even remember why you made friends with them in the first place, dropping by borderline friend's pages and leaving a note for them and deleting them if they don't respond in a reasonable period of time (if they were a real friend they would have responded in timely manner); the systematic weeding out of ex-friends, ex-boy/girl friends, ex-coworkers, etc. Also the deletion of people you thought were intresting and/or people who have become undesireable to associate with, etc.
I have over 150 facebook friends and only regulary communicate with 50 of them. What gives? Time for some Facebook Friendventory.
by Ellay-eX October 10, 2010
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