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The awkward situation where you find yourself being introduced to or mingling with some one that you know you have recently friend requested on Facebook, however never met them in person. It is a quite sticky and uncomfortable encounter, as most people choose to pretend they’ve never seen the second party before and keep quiet, knowing that the second party recognizes them and is equally as uncomfortable. This can easily lead to a facebombing, if the second party chooses to verbally recognize in front of others that you have recently “Facebooked” them- this generally leads to an awkward silence, putting your head down, and a frowning upon by the 2nd and 3rd party.
Guy: “Hi it’s nice to meet you too”

Girl: “Didn’t you just facebook me the other day?”

Guy: “…….... well this is a shitty and embarassing facebook encounter

Girl and Everyone Else: “……………………”
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