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When you become so paranoid that someone on facebook is talking bad about you, you start to believe every post is a stab at you. Your "friends" instigate retaliation and you become obsessed with trashing this person in order to save your own reputation, which in fact you begin to destroy on your own through your increasing paranoia.
Dude that guy is suffering from Facebook Ego Paranoia. He thinks every post that girl makes is a shot at him, when I know her and it's soooo not! What the hell? He is posting shit blogs all over the internet, trying to dig up dirt on her and destroy her reputation. He even went so far as to hack her phone and computer. Freak!!

Pretty funny because this girl never made a single shot and his friends made him so paranoid it actually changed his personality. What makes it even more amusing is she really she doesn't give a shit what he writes or what his friends think since they all are the cesspool of society anyway.
by Do u suffer from FEP? November 10, 2009
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