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When your Newsfeed is spammed with duck faces, horse shit, and anal turd you don't care about from random motherfuckers you want to stab in the face, you commence the act of facebook cleansing. Inspired by Hitler himself, you create a list of individuals you wish to kill and a list of individuals who irritate you to an intolerable degree. Then you go to each one of these individuals walls, leave them the sincere, heartfelt message of "fuck you" and proceed to defriend them. After you have gone through your entire list of victims, you are left with close friends, funny douchebags, random hot chicks you stalk from time to time, and NO annoying, urine gargling, feces eating, child molesting, snot chewing, ass licking, piss drinking, vomit spitting, duck-faced, irritating shitbags you were stupid enough to add in the first place.

And through Facebook Cleansing, you can once again use facebook with leisure.
These motherfucking duck-faced bitches are starting to make me release anal fluids against my will. I'm going to do some facebook cleansing and then burn them alive.
by Boywithadick July 29, 2012
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