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A religion in which one beleives that face, the nick-jr. character, is god and will judge all after they die.
"In Face-ism, face judges you 'your going to hell, br br br brrrrrrr'."
by Cluadio August 17, 2008
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A state of mind in which the Faceist person is convinced that he hates a person for the way their face looks. The goal of Faceism is to elimnate the Undesirables and promote the DESIRABLES. Faceism often includes killing and mindless torture of those who have the UNDESIRABLES. Don't wory plastic surgery will only make your death more painfull. Faceist Groups generaly torture their victims by dunking their heads in boiling water then putting their face on dry-ice.
Leaders who employ Faceism try to eliminate the undesirables.
by North Mountain King April 16, 2009
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A style of artistic construction whereby every element of a piece is actually in one way or another, a FACE. This style although never strictly defined until now, was very strongly seen in the works of Salvador Dali, among others. In an urban context however this is evident in correlation to tagism in which faces are very common motifs in graffiti
a faceist style of painting, a faceist piece.
by Alex Kessaris August 30, 2004
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