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When someone you hardly know/don't particularly like sends you a friend request on Facebook/My Space. Even though you don't really want to be friends, you feel obligated to accept the request.
Jen: Hey, I see on your Facebook page that you're friends with Bob now. When did this happen?

Sam: Face-guilt, man! I felt too bad rejecting the request.
by JenniferLO August 19, 2008
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Being shamed into reposting other peoples "re-posts"

eg..I know that a lot of you "who think you're too cool" probably won't re-post this. But a very little amount of my friends will....pick your cause
Bro: Hey liked your status on animal cruelty.

Buddy: ex took the dog and hamster.

Bro: Whooo.. she faceguilted your status.
by BMAC This is me ! September 27, 2011
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