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When other energy drinks don't cut it, don't cut it at all. FIST IT! With FACE FIST'R! Face Fist'r is the new hybrid energy drink. Part Soda, part Energy Drink, part...stick of DYNAMITE! Face Fist'r will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. A candy store MADE OF EXPLOSIONS! Face Fist'r will HOLD YOUR TASTE BUDS HOSTAGE!! Face Fist'r will make you feel like a piece of crap! A piece of crap full of ENERGY! CRAPERGY!
Each can of Face Fist'r contains the explosive capabilities of....5 pounds of gunpower, A lit cigarette, and any song ever sung by DRAGONFORCE!!!!
Face Fist'r could eat a red bull and crap out a DASANI!!!
1. Face Fist'r is the world's most destructive drink next to both Powerthirst
by Desmond Shoals April 10, 2008
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