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The most amazing, beautiful, caring, extraordinary girl you will ever meet in your life. She's funny, outgoing, smart and SEXY as hell! She turns heads no matter where she goes. She always stands out. She is an angel sent from above. Someone you can always turn to, even when the times are hard. She will be there for you. She will understand. Nobody is perfect except for Fabrizia. The one and only. She WILL have an impact on your life and it will be good. Nobody can ever forget a beautiful face like that. She is a beautiful person all around. Fabrizia.
Fabrizia Γ¨ bella. Lei vi farΓ  sorridere.
by saban90 March 28, 2010
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(1)this is the type of girl to have guys turnin heads and when she walks down the street even girls comment on her physique
(2)fabrizia is athletic, she plays soccer and shes damn good.
if she doesnt like you, she'll probably tell you. she doesnt take no one's shit.
she is the type of friend to be there when yu need someone to blurt out yur bad days, and she'd never complain, just gives great advice that you can actually count on, not pointless blah blah blah shieeett.
(3)fabrizia is spontaneous and open minded, shes always down for new, exciting and crazy stuff!
(4)& she spends way to much time at the mall lmao
she hates when people spell her name wrong.. && i agree... its to pretty of a name to be spelt wrong!

(1) mmmmm girlllll..... you are definitely a fabrizia!

(2) omg she just pulled a fabrizia around you!

(3) that was the most fabreezy thing you could have ever done!

(4) girl - hey, yeah im still at the mall
boy- whatt??? youv been there all day?!?
girl - but i live so close!
boy - if yu spend any more time there youll be a fabrizia
by diimplez May 12, 2010
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