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Fabulous (adj): To be good looking, wonderful, and near to perfect, all the time.
Ref Chris Lee, Rachel Meyer, and Kyle Szarzynski

by blondie87 January 27, 2008
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Jay: Oh darn, my hair is going frizzy.
Bob: Darling, you look fabulous.
by Allie May 18, 2003
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The ultimate expression of enthusiasm and joy. Characterized by wonder, adoration, inspiration, exhaltation, and love.
I am so full of love for life; Everywhere I go I see beauty, magic and love, and that, is Fabulous.
by ham_shoegirl October 20, 2005
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beyond all description of wonder, delight, desire, love, sunrise, ice cream, music, dancing, anger, awe, adoration, change, cycles, sensationalism, scandal, inspiration, optimism, color, hunger, satisfaction, silence, noise, sleep, holding, letting go, breaking down, passion, hope, transformation, breath, breakfast, closing your eyes, touching, tasting, feeling, being.
every day above ground is a FABULOUS, mysterious, unpredictable and therefore amazing day.

by hamshoegirl October 17, 2005
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of an incredible, astonishing, or exaggerated nature

Continulously overused by people trying to sound of a higher class and the homosexual population; to the point that the meaning is not as strong as it once was.
That dress looks fabulous, girlfriend.
by Michelle04 November 08, 2005
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A certain quality that exudes all others. Someone who is truely fabulous has confidence, kindness, sexiness, and a good wardrobe.
Carrie: Do I look okay?
Samantha: Oh darling you look FABULOUS!
by bobby April 22, 2004
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