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The act of sexual intercourse but not love-making.

Synonyms: Fuck, Bang, Pipe, Stuff
So did you and Marisa Fa-Ting?

Yes I Fa-Tinged her.
by King Dick Newport June 03, 2009
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The conscious or unconscious act of repeated one on one (fates) times with a friend of the opposite sex that can't be defined as a date for both parties involved but probably is for one.

- derivitive of "fake date"
"Phil and Bonita are having lunch in the quad together again?"

"Yea, they're obviously fating"
by Philip E. February 16, 2008
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A friendship in the hopes of a possible relationship. Or the fate of a possible sexual or romantic play mate.
by Daphney April 06, 2009
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fating means “fake dating.” its typically used when a girl dates a boy (or vice versa) to make her ex jealous, but it is also used when a homosexual dates someone of the opposite sex to keep in the closet.
“hey are you and brad dating” “no, we’re only fating to make his ex jealous
by Spirits May 30, 2018
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That situation when a guy and a girl is interested in each other and its pretty obvious that they are dating, but they are too stubborn to admit that they are dating and instead just consider each other friends, meanwhile talking exclusively to each other as though they are in a relationship.
Steve: Clarissa and I are not dating. We're not in a relationship, stop saying we are.

Joe: Okay bro. Ya'll fating right now.
Steve: Fating?
Joe: Yeah, ya'll acting like ya'll just friends, but really ya'll dating man. Quit playing bro. But since ya'll aint trying to act like you are dating, ya'll fating.

Steve: Doesn't even make sense.
Joe: F for friends. ating for dating. Telling people you aren't dating, but acting like ya'll are.
by PromiseLock April 07, 2019
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