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Probably the most Stolen and copied slang word of our generation that came from Oakland,(The Town)CA, USA. This word was created by Keak Da Sneak from the legendary Oakland, Mob group, 3 X Crazy. It means "Fa Sho" or for you squares out there "For Sure" or Most Definitely. Or like you East Coast people say, "No Doubt"

To set the record str8...Anytime you put "eezy" on the end of a word, (breezy, heezy, meezy, etc.) You are simply saying something that started from Oakland ans specifically Keak.
We off da heezy fa sheezy.
by The Sensei March 04, 2005
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Fasheezy, derived from the slang "fosho" meaning for-sure. Fasheezy is a positive response from a statment or question.
A. That gurl Autumn is pretty.
B. Yea fasheezy.
A. Yo, could you hand me a cig?
B. O, fasheezy.
by K.JzA November 30, 2008
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