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F.W.U.B.O.S. :
F-Friend W-With U-Unanimous B-Benefits (and) O-Other S-Stuff.
- F.W.U.B.O.S is shortened to FWUBs (noun), and those FWUBs are FWUBing (verb).

1. The FWUBs have mutually agreed upon being "FWUBs". (Hence the "unanimous" bit)
2. FWUBs may go on dates without dating.
3. FWUBs may physically mess around with each other up to third base before they move on to being "Fuck Buddies".
4. Once passing 3rd base, you may no longer be part of a FWUB relationship with your other FWUB.
5. FWUBs may be marked as "single" or "in a relationship" on facebook, both FWUBs must agree.
6. FWUBs do not have to buy the other FWUB things/pay for them on a date, unless they choose to.
7. FWUBs may go on dates with multiple FWUBs.
8. FWUBs may not tell people they are FWUBing unless asked about it first, or unless both FWUBs have agreed upon telling.
9. FWUBs parents may know something along the lines of the 2 FWUBs being in a sort of relationship (taken a step beyond friendship).
10. FWUBs may leave/step up the FWUBing relationship when they have decided they no longer would care to FWUB around.
11. FWUBs should be friends before they begin FWUBing... duh
12. FWUBing is all inclusive and anyone may FWUB.

"I enjoy being with you, but I don't want to date you. So ... would you be my FWUBOS?"

"Sam and Frodo have been FWUBing for a while now."

Harry "So uh, what's going on between you and Hagrid?"
Fang "Oh, it's sort of a FWUBing relationship."

"I enjoy FWUBing with my good pals"

by Immalee Tree March 08, 2009
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