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Fudge Docking is a wonderful sexual act which requires in most cases considerable preparation but it is always "Worth it, In Fudge Docking one participant eats slightly constipating food like a block of cheese and then two days later before the act is going to take place ingests a mild oil based laxative. usually this occurs between two Lesbians…they begin by scissoring and rubbing their genitals upon each other straddling the holes together…..then while they are simultaneously stimulating each other with their hands on their front bits and moments before they climax "the "deliverer" lines up her Anus firmly onto the opening of the "Receivers" Vagina and forces our a firm large oily Turd into "the Receiver" who then starts to writhe up and down on the "Turd Dildo" as it is being forced out of the colon of the "The giver" and into the Vagina Hole and uterus of the orgasming Receiver Female ,nothing is more entertaining then "Fudge Docking"
FUDGE DOCKING - Jenny and Susan did so much Meth they started to sissor and Jenny took a full dump inside Susan… was the first time they had ever fully done FUDGE DOCKING , Jenny put her butt up in the air and Steve pegged her backwards in the butt and just when she was about to finish he lined up his buttonhole over her Vag and totally "Super Circus Fudge Docked" her….no way ? ya he blasted in her B hole with his white pee while he simultaneously hot Pooped into her Vagina at the same time….i think they should stop doing meth.
by The AntiCraig January 14, 2015
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