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When you take a nice shit, one huge long solid piece...scoop it out of the toilet, put it in the freezer and let it freeze. Then take it out and fuck a girl with it like a dildo.
She thought it was a brown dildo that was cold...but oh she was wrong as I blasted her with my turd dildo.
by Sidewalk Swami May 14, 2007
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The definition is as the name implies. It is simply the excretions of a rectum, used as a feminine masturbation tool. Yes a turd used as a dildo
Mary was forced to use her turd dildo when her sorry lover could not deliver the pleasure she desired.
by Anonymous Ball Smacker March 20, 2003
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1)A sure fire way to get pin worm trichonosis and various other shit borne diseases.
2)A german erotic toy used to stimulate sexual response from gay nazi sympathizers.
3) A small brown cylinder composed of fecal matter.
4) An incredibly stupid person usually lacking and thinking skills or common sense.
5) Being stiffed on something valuable or meaningful by a close friend or family member.
1)Grandma used to play with a turd dildo now she is very ill.
2)Colonel Nimitz inserted the turd dildo into his rectum .
3) There are museums with turd dildos in glass cases on shelves , waiting to used in case of emergency.
4)You are a silly turd dildo Mark, Trout Sniffer is a lesbian.
5) Losing that pendant to my aunt willow was a real turd dildo.
by toe October 15, 2004
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