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FOnline, though not the official Fallout Online that is being made by Interplay, this is a game made by a Russian group.
The game runs on an engine based off the Fallout 2 engine and is an MMORPG. At the moment, Online Beta Test 3 is open. The client consists of two FOnline games; FOnline: The Life After and FOnline: 2238.
Guy 1 - "Dude, you played FOnline?"
Guy 2 - "What's FOnline?"
Guy 1 - "It's an MMORPG based on Fallout 2, and it's free!"
Guy 2 - "Awesome!"
by Xavier-Marxel October 02, 2009
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Faux online. Setting your IM client to represent you as active and available when in fact you are away from your computer.
When I got back from lunch I found that my boss had IM'd me half an hour before because I was fonline.
by tellingemma March 09, 2009
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