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The tireless effort taken by FOX network programming, which is done under the guise of "news," to make every conservative candidate of their choice appear more popular and politically-intelligent.

Conservative sham machine.

The network of the uneducated douche-bag led by a mentally defective televangelist, a fat-bodied hate-machine and a morning show with a douche who actually has a name befitting his network, Steve Doochey.
When a network substitutes "stock footage" to make an inferior political candidate's book-signing, such as Sarah Palin's, to appear much more populated than it was, that network, FOX, is engaged in FOX propaganda. The same applies to conservative "protests" on Washington DC.

When a network creates a "movement" out of thin air and then leads its lemmings into a public declaration of hatred, that network, FOX, has just committed FOX propaganda.

Any network that employees hate-spewing, violence-inducing maniacs such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly is a network willing to whore itself out as FOX Propaganda.
by Fraud Exposer November 25, 2009
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