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โ€œI really donโ€™t feel like going to Benโ€™s party but I donโ€™t want to miss out on the foodโ€..

โ€œWas the work dinner good? I have FOMOOF so badโ€.
by Phoebe Kavanagh August 18, 2017
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"Fear of missing out on food". The fear that if you miss a lunch or meal your taste buds and belly will miss out on some amazing delicious goodies.

Advice or helpful tips:
1. never stand in the way of a FOMOOF
2. To get back in the good graces of a FOMOOF throw food at them and it has to be the same kind of food that landed you in the dog house (ex: if you forgot to offer some delicious chocolate covered blueberries to a FOMOOF than you need to find some chocolate that the FOMOOF has not tried to fix your faux pas)

3. A FOMOOF will recognize another FOMOOF
4. FOMOOF come in all shapes. We blend well.

5. A FOMOOF can convert a non-FOMOOF but not visa versa. Once a FOMOOF always a FOMOOF
Even though she was full, Heather's fomoof got the best of her and she purchased the bag of Doritos collisions.
by ITH09052016 December 01, 2016
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