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As one of the world's lesser known, yet great acronyms, this is a one-word abbreviation for the more lengthy instruction, 'Fuck Off Bastard, You're A Cunt'. However, acronyms have been entered into the Oxford-English dictionary dating back as far as William Shakespeare and therefore. it is accepted that as one word, FOBYAC may still be accepted.

See links to fuck, bastard and cunt.
When establishing that one is in the presence of a person who is somewhat, (grossly), disliked, they may be invited to "FOBYAC". In this manner, the word may be used in the clear satisfaction of knowing that as few will understand it's true meaning, no street fight wil ensue. Indeed, walking up to an officer of the law, a copper, police officer, or even an immigration official, (see wanker), one can use the word and be faced merely with a confused look. In this respect, as opposed to better known and wider understood and employed expletives, complete safety for one's person will ensue.
by Drofnas Trebor April 12, 2007
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Stands for..Fuck off BOLLOCKS your a cunt
Often heard on the football terraces to the tune of the old music hall favorite "My old man said follow the van". eg "My old man said be a (insert name of despised team) fan, I said fuck off bollocks, your a cunt" There then follows some more to the song, which soon fads out as fewer and fewer people know the words, but goes like this.."we run the(again insert team, this time another one) in half a minute, we took the (name of part of football stadium for 3rd team) end, with the (3rd hated team!!)in it, we run em, we done em..." the words of Doyle Lonnegan "Ya folla?"

by Rob Liss August 05, 2007
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