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Is a Five Nights At Freddie's fan that is usually easily butthurt. Most commonly found on websites such as YouTube, and Reddit. Most of their ages range from 5 to 13 years old and usually have mental issues, Making them easy to troll and mess with. The best way to troll them is to tell them how much FNAF sucks and trust me, they will say things like "hey u fig u dont leik fnaf ill stick ur painis in ur mouth and shot u u fuckin idiot!". Proving once again that FNAF fags, have issues.

FNAF was first released in mid-2014, everything was okay at first. But then when Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and other popular YouTubers started filming their fake reactions by screaming at the camera, the fandom blew up. Countless mentally unstable children joined the fandom, and the invasion begins. There are some mature FNAF fans that are actually pretty nice people and aren't even nearly as cancerous as their unstable counterparts.
Right here we have a sane individual, that despises FNAF, little does he know... he's talking to a FNAF fag on a chat room. Friendship short lasted.

Guy 1: Hey what's up?

Guy 2: Not much, just playing FNAF.

Guy 1: FNAF fucking sucks.

Guy 2: FUCK YOU!!

Guy 1 FNAF fag burn in hell.
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by LittleRocketMan February 27, 2017
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