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Fuck My Privileged Life.

A lot of people who use Fuck My Life (FML) to complain about a situation their facing are usually whining about really petty and small problems compared to the issues many people less fortunate than them have to face every day (i.e. how to get food, water, money, etc). FMPL is a way the speaker can acknowledge that he or she is complaining about a certain situation that is, compared to most people, not that bad.

You can use FMPL as a way to verbally remind yourself that your life isn't that bad/could be worse OR to remind someone else of the same thing.
backy: "I got into the University of Chicago and Boston University but I got a rejection letter from Yale. FMPL!"

Sydney: "I bought too much fruit last week, now it's rotting...FMPL!!!!"

Natasha: "Ugh! My parents REFUSE to buy me a new BMW, they say it's too expensive so they're gonna buy it USED! arrrg- FMLLLL!"
Katie: ...I think you mean FMPL...
Natasha: .....
by PeaceandFreedom December 03, 2010
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