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Modified version of FML, and is short for:
Fucking My Own Life
I missed the payments and now my vehicle is getting repo'ed, damn I seem to do a great job of FMOL!
by Handi Man August 25, 2011
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Full word is: Fuck my online life.
1. Pertains to the moments when one says or does something stupid online.
2. Also happens when rejection, insufficient recognition, trolling, or dismissal of your status and or vlog/blog, that took days to come up with, occurs.
1. Facebook status: Agh my fucking mom is such a bitch.
Comment by user: fmol

2. YouTube Vlog: What is up with.....yadda-yadda....Obamacare.....blah blah blah....its all a conspiracy by....blah-yadda.. your mom...blah-blah..
Comment: I just wasted my time.
User's reply: wow fucking trolls. fmol
by damnyousalazarr March 01, 2012
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