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"Fuck My Big Titty Nigger Bitch!"
This is similar to the exclamation "FML = Fuck My Life" or "FMA = Fuck My Ass" but with less homosexual connotations. It is commonly used to describe scenarios in wich the subject (the person using the term) has been unfathomably wronged by some one or some situation. It is most effectively used in abbreviated form for social networking status updates (tweets or FB statuses), or in conversation to imply hopeless dispare or injustice. The phrase itself depicts your large-chested negro slave being ass plundered from behind by a hearty white plantation owner.
Phil: A third parking ticket in the same day?!?

Daniel: Wow Dude, that blows.

Phil: I know right?!?! FMBTNB!!!!!!!!!!
by the lost 530 September 28, 2010
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