A rhyme that isn't considered just poetry or just a flow, but a mixed version of both. In a way, a poem that can be rapped.
man 1: Yo, that's some sick rhyming there! How'd you write it?!
man 2: Thanks man. I just wrote a rhythamic poem so I can spit a flow to it too! I call it FLOETRY!
man 1: THAT'S ILL YO!
by Laayla January 2, 2006
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A skilled poet who's about to put it down with expressive Talent
KL hit the stage and left the crowds done with his Floetry performance
by Klover324 December 31, 2019
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Word invented by would be poets when composing poems about poetry itself with the intention of using it as a rhyming synonym of the word poetry, and perhaps also to imply a flow to their words.
You will recognize my poetry, by my lazy use of floetry, so you will be fooled there is actually some flow to my poetry.
by R.senal June 23, 2021
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